Who we are

, the new Italian brand dedicated to the professional haircare sector, was born from the desire to introduce new quality standards to the market that are oriented toward personal well-being from a green and sustainable perspective.

From 30 years’ experience in the industry and the virtuous paths traced over time through meticulous research and experimentation on the natural and organic product, comes a project destined to redefine the scale of values in the cosmetics industry by creating a turning point toward innovation.

is a starting point, the crowning achievement of a long professional activity related to the knowledge, use and research of the best performing formulations and careful observation of the inci of the product formulas of the best Italian organic brands.

For the creation of the new professional brand , he developed and selected, in synergy with his own Italian reference laboratory – a leader in the use of cutting-edge technologies and the most innovative pathways – ecologically controlled, harmful substance-free formulas and paraben-free ingredients categorically excluding aggressive chemistry.


Rich in active ingredients of organic origin, the products create an exclusive natural organic line of the highest quality, an expression of a rigorous, ethical and ambitious path at the same time all driven by the search for the best natural formulations.

The user experience for the professional is unhindered by pleasantness. The intuitive choice to forgo complexities and move toward easy deployment contributes to better management performance and relaxation of the person receiving wellness treatments. With a view to simplification for the benefit of professionals and clients, consists of a simplified range of products renouncing the suggestions of endless declinations that, by a marketing quirk, make management more cumbersome and simultaneously disorient the end customer.

can be considered the first true professional brand that is essential, authentic, and sought-after, precisely because it was developed with a view to simplifying professionals in the field. This new line dedicated to hair care specialists was born from a path of product research based on progressive refinements, countless experiments and treatments carried out with the rudder always pointed toward qualitative excellence, respect for the person and innovation.

Moved by the intention of wanting to meet three specific needs, we focused on different areas of focus, creating three product lines:
SKIN zone, dedicated to the skin, oriented to the well-being of the scalp;
SPA zone Dedicated to restoring the normal values of hair, dry and brittle ;
FREESTYLE, the line designed for creative styling in complete freedom.

The concept that inspired the RESORT naming is the need for escape, the desire to travel, to have an experience inside a spa or in the beautiful Italian spas.
Even hair, which reflects our free spirit and temperament, needs to escape to real, virtual or imaginary places. The product in its physicality is the object that can evoke the journey to a positive state of mind, of recovered well-being, a well-being guaranteed 365 days a year.
The ritual of daily hair care becomes a place of the soul, even when it takes place in the bathroom of one’s home, a moment of escape to a dimension where we can find our deepest essence in full relaxation.

We set out with this project after listening to the experiences of professional colleagues, gathering their qualified opinions and acquiring their specific needs. We put in knowledge, expertise, technique, dedication, synthesis skills, passion and professionalism. From this joint journey a challenge was born.
Is the heart over the hurdle, Our challenge together with yours.